Agreeing to help my aunt to get a baby monitor is definitely one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. I thought getting a baby monitor would be a piece of cake. But my, how wrong I was! Since it will be used to watch over my aunt's newborn, I definitely want to get the best baby monitor for her. 

However, I was stunned when I was asked by the salesgirl what type of baby monitor I want and the features that comes along with it. I should have done some homework before heading to the mall! Seeing how lost I am, the salesgirl patiently explained the features available for the
models on the shelves.

It was indeed hard to make a decision but I finally decided to settle for a baby monitor that allows one to listen keep track of their baby's movement via a sensor pad that will be placed under their baby. I do think that being able to track baby's movement would grant my aunt some peace when she's doing the house chore while leaving her baby in the baby room. More information on this product at